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15-Feb-19 19:30 
PHÉNIX eatery & bar 
Private Dining Area 
PHÉNIX eatery & bar is located on Level 2 of The PuLi Hotel and Spa and overlooking the JingAn Park. Rooted in the philosophy of “Life is about the ingredients”, a visit to PHÉNIX is a charming invitation to reconnect with the essentials through an intuitive French cuisine inspired by the richness of seasonal natural ingredients. This commitment to the finest, freshest, and best quality ingredients is not only at the heart of everything we do but also at the very foundation of the renowned Chef Michael Wilson’s cuisine philosophy. Through PHÉNIX, the Chef has embarked on a mission to give a new life to French cuisine, by revisiting old favorites with a modern refreshing twist. PHÉNIX brings an undeniable touch of modern elegance while staying true to a spirit of simplicity and authenticity, the clubs food & wine master are working with the venue on the menu. 
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